Each organization or company has its own brand identity.  Whether it is products or services, you need a partner in getting your story told to a target audience.  We can help you find the unique manner in which what you have to offer can be presented in the best light.

We offer pre-shoot conferences to refine your message within the budget you have in mind. If your project needs location shooting, studio work, sound, lighting, graphics, music, voice-overs, Recording Raccoon Studio can provide the services you need.  Our operation is scalable, with a variety of creative and technical specialist available, depending upon the nature of your needs.

This promotional piece was created for a DVD for the Tommy Come Home project.  The idea was to produce a “making of” short to look behind the scenes.  In addition to providing a good introduction to the production process, it also showcases the variety of types of projects done at Recording Raccoon Studio.